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Research Trends in Science Education International: A Content Analysis for the Last Five Years (2011-2015)

Naslov: Research Trends in Science Education International: A Content Analysis for the Last Five Years (2011-2015)
Author(s): Cavas, B.
Source: Science Education International, v26 n4 p573-588 2015. 16 pp.
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ISSN: 1450-104X
Descriptors: Science Education, Trend Analysis, Educational Research, Content Analysis, Bibliometrics, Statistical Analysis, Productivity, Journal Articles, Comparative Education, Thematic Approach, Incidence, Units of Study
Abstract: The main purpose of this article is to analyse 5 volumes and 20 issues of "Science Education International" ("SEI") according to the authors' nationality and research topics of the articles, published in the journal between 2011 and 2015. In total, 126 articles were published, successfully submitted by 281 authors in 43 different countries. Statistical analyses showed that publications by authors from Turkey were most dominant, followed by USA and Australia. The study found that articles, based on teacher education, learning conception and learning context were those most frequently investigated by the researchers during this time-period. The number of articles published on topics related to "History, Philosophy, Epistemology and Nature of Science" and "Informal Learning" were research topics, receiving less attention by researchers. Based on the analysis, research trends were discussed.
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Number of References: 22
Jezik: English
Number of Pages: 16
Publication Type: Journal Articles; Reports - Research; Information Analyses
Journal Code: APR2018
Entry Date: 2016
Accession Number: EJ1086555
Database: ERIC
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